Design options

Design options

Individual & attractive

Basic package

Creating functional and efficient new working environments without any sacrifices in comfort and features

The basic package enables the realization of a highly efficient working environment. Attractive and durable carpets in various colors offer a high level of comfort and excellent room acoustics. Acoustically effective ceiling panels in front of the concrete ceiling provide a decent industrial style. The built-in sensor-controlled LED lighting allows for demand-oriented illumination.

Eco package

For tomorrow’s natural and sustainable work environment

The eco package emphasizes the building's sustainability to the maximum in the leased space as well. This can be achieved by a perfectly tailored selection of particularly natural and low-pollutant materials with a high level of recyclability. For example, floor coverings made from wood and sustainably produced carpeting are available. Solid wood elements serve both as room dividers and as ceiling cladding and, in combination with the dark ceiling panels, create a very unique level of comfort.


For a stylish and exclusive office space with that certain something

By choosing the EXECUTIVE package you bring aesthetics and high quality into your office. Tasteful carpeting in the office areas is complemented by exclusive deep pile carpeting in the meeting rooms. High-quality parquet flooring and a slatted ceiling accentuate the corridor areas and underline the elegance. The acoustically effective ceiling panels in a subtle bronze finish in front of the dark-tinted ceiling create a discrete, sophisticated look. Translucent glass partitions create confidentiality while preserving the feeling of openness.



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